Cygnus Re-Opening April 5, 2021

Posted by Cynthia M. Domino on March 24, 2020
Updated January 24, 2021

Dear Family Members of Cygnus Creative Arts Centre:

As a valued member of our Cygnus family, we are reaching out regarding updates during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our community and students.  At this time, we are planning to reopen once again april 5, 2021 unless directed otherwise. Online registration will be open Monday January 25, 2021.  We encourage you to register online to minimize personal contact. Any class that does not fill will be combined and/or cancelled as of April 1, 2021 

We would like to reassure you that our top priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our students, their families, and our staff.  We are adhering to the CDC Guidelines.  We will continue to monitor and implement the local, state, and federal recommendations including the reopening date and time.  We encourage each family to make their own decision about coming to the studio. Be kind, set aside judgement against others and do what you feel is comfortable and what makes the most sense for you and your family. 

Below are the policies we have in place at the Art Centre to help our students stay safe.

Prevention Steps Entering The Cygnus Wing at the Community Center:

  • All students will enter the Community Center through the Front entrance and Exit out the back door of the Cygnus Wing.  All students will leave immediately after class.  Parents please park out back by the Cygnus wing for pick up.
  • Parents will be able to pay at the window.  A Plexiglas shield will be over the front desk window.
  • The Cygnus hallway will allow only Students. Additional siblings, parents and/or friends are not permitted. 
  • All Students will have a thermo check upon entering the Wing.
  • All faculty and students are required to wear facemasks. 

Prevention Steps in the Studio:

  • Bring your own water:  The water fountain is closed. Please bring your own.
  • Hand Sanitizer: in each studio, all hallways, as well as in the Community Center bathrooms and lobby. We encourage you to utilize it frequently.
  • Handwashing: We encourage frequent handwashing (for up to 20 seconds before rinsing).
  • Discouraging close contact:  Dance classes:  have a class limit of students and one (1) teacher. All physical contact is prohibitive. Dance studios are adjusted for personal space. The changing rooms are closed. Please come dressed for class and change only your street shoes to appropriate dance shoes.  Art classes: have a class limit of students and one (I) teacher.  All physical contact is prohibitive. Art studios are adjusted for personal) space.      Music/vocal lessons:  Plexiglas will be set up between student and faculty member for duration of the lesson.
  • Floor Work:  There will be no floor work for modern and contemporary dance classes.  Ballet slippers worn instead of bare feet.
  • Surface Cleaning: Frequently touched surfaces and equipment are sanitized after each class.
Art students may use Cygnus pencils, markers, brushes, etc...the teacher will distribute necessary tools and the students are required to clean the brushes, wipe pencils/markers/tools
thoroughly after the class. We encourage all students to bring their own sets of brushes.
  • Deep Cleaning:  The studios are sanitized every night.  
  • Sneezes and Coughs: We are encouraging dancers to cough and sneeze into their arms, not in their hands.
  • Staff and Students: If you do not feel well, stay home.  Please call the office to inform us.

How You Can Help:

  • Follow the Polices listed above.
  • Bring only what you need to wear for dance class. i.e., shoes, warm clothes and keep them in your possession and near your space.
  • Stay home if you, the student, feels sick or anyone in the family is sick.
  • Make-up lessons are available.
  • Adhere to any/all formal quarantine/government restrictions as needed.

As COVID-19 continues to be part of our daily conversations, in the coming days and weeks, we will continue to monitor the situation and pass along any pertinent information we gather.

The wellbeing of our students and families is a top priority. Please know that we are here to address any concerns or issues, and welcome to hear from you on additional ways we can keep our community healthy and safe.  We are grateful for your patience, support and generosity during these challenging times.

Cynthia M. Domino
Artistic Director