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Academy and Recreational Dance Division Overview

Welcome to the Dance Department at Cygnus!

We are very proud of our incredible staff of instructors and the high-quality of our affordable dance program. All of our instructors have a Bachelor or Master degree in dance, years of experience and have danced professionally all over the world. Even more importantly, they love to teach and are dedicated to our students. The Cygnus Dance Program offers two dance divisions: Recreational and Academy.


The Recreational Dance Program offers affordable pricing, quality instruction and a variety of classes to meet the needs of All residents. This program is open to everyone and welcomes anyone looking to have Recreational Fun. The classes offered will be an Introduction to Dance for young beginners, and all ages groupings in jazz, hip-hop, tap, and ballet. Students will learn new skills, improve coordination, rhythm, flexibility and learn dance steps for recital routines.

Take advantage of the fun, new classes and develop new interests. Start now by exploring these offerings! Start NOW exploring the FUN of Dancing!  Classes are offered in 2 Sessions: Winter / Spring and Summer / Fall Ages 3 and Up with a recital at the end of each session. Program fee includes recital costume. All fees are non-refundable and no fees are prorated.  Below are listed the class.  Days and times vary slightly each Session.

101 Intro to Dance 3-5yrs. / Tuesdays   This is an introduction to basic movement skills through song and dance. This class develops motor coordination, rhythm, balance and flexibility. Ballet basics and tap rhythms are explored. Little dancers wear their favorite tutus, hair tied back, pink ballet shoes and tap shoes required.

102 Ballet/Tap 6-8yrs. / Tuesdays This class introduces ballet movements and tap steps. Age appropriate music is used to encourage and develop basic skills, coordination, flexibility, tap rhythms and combinations.  Dancers wear leotard, tights, leggings, t shirts, sweat pants, pink ballet shoes and tap shoes.  Hair tied back.

201 Ballet/Tap II 9-12yrs. / Tuesdays  This class continues basic ballet movements engages students in advancing rhythmic tap steps and combinations. Age appropriate music is used in all tap and ballet routines. Dancers wear leotard, tights, leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, sweat pants, pink ballet shoes and tap shoes. Hair tied back.

301 Teen/Adult Tap / Tuesdays  Anyone who taps knows how Fun it is! Learn tap steps, combinations and dance to a variety of music while creating rhythm with your feet!  Wear comfortable clothing and tap shoes.

103 Ballet/Jazz/Hip-Hop 6-8 yrs. / Thursdays This class introduces ballet and jazz movements. Age appropriate music is used to encourage and develop a basic ballet skills, and jazz isolations, coordination, rhythm and flexibility. Dancers wear leotards, tights, t-shirts, tank tops, leggings, sweat pants, jazz shoes, ballet shoes and hair tied back.

202 Ballet/Jazz/Hip-Hop II 9-12 yrs. / Thursdays  This class continues with ballet warm ups with more emphasis on jazz dance and combinations. Age appropriate music is used in all jazz routines. Dancers wear leotards, tights, t-shirts, tank tops, leggings, sweat pants, jazz shoes, ballet shoes and hair tied back.

302 Teen / Adult Jazz/Hip-Hop / Thursdays Always wanted to learn jazz or the latest hip hop moves? This class is begins with jazz warm-up, isolations, advancing rhythmic steps and cross the floor combinations. All routines are set to age appropriate popular music. Wear comfortable clothing and Jazz shoes.

303 Teen/Adult Ballet / Thursdays Be Afraid of ballet no more! Ballet basics skills are taught at barre, center and in across the floor combinations. All moves are designed to increase stretch, flexibility and coordination. Wear comfortable clothing and ballet shoes.


The Academy Dance Program is designed for the serious dancers with a concentrated levels of study in all classes.  The Academy program is available for all ages, abilities and achieved level of study.  Class packages are created to afford the dancer continuous study in all styles and techniques.

Cost: The affordable tuition varies according to the type of classes and amount of hours studied. Lessons start as low as $12 per class. Discounts are given to families and for students taking more than two classes per week. Discounted packages are also available for the more serious dancer who would like a concentrated study and additional performance opportunities. Additionally, private lessons are available for half hour, and full hour lessons.


Performances: All students perform in the yearly recital with the exception of those who choose not to do so.  In addition to tuition, there will be a costume charge per class costume for the spring recital.  Students registered for the performance classes have the opportunity to perform in a recital, a yearly holiday and spring ballets and various community events.  A performance fee is charged for any additional performance opportunity outside the yearly recital.  Open dance auditions are held for the community and surrounding areas for any additional performing opportunities.

Open Schedule/No recital:   The Teen and Adult program is designed for those who would simply like to take a dance class without a recital obligation.

Successful Alumni  Our students attend esteemed summer institutes such as  Joffery, Alvin Ailey, Pennsylvania Ballet, Walnut Hill, Princeton Ballet School, Pittsburgh Youth Ballet School, Virginia School of the Arts, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and Interlochen. Our students have graduated in higher education as professional dancers, arts administrators, and musical theater performers from Rutgers University, New York University, Boston Conservatory, La Roche College, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, and Montclaire University.

Kimberly and Laura

Class Placement:  All students are placed in a class according to their demonstrated ability. It is understood that the students’ age and the number of years of training do not always yield proficient execution of technique. Therefore, the class level in which a student is placed is not to deter the students’ training; it is to bring the student to their future class level.  Students are evaluated each year in May to ensure proper class levels in the Fall.

Dress Code: To instill proper dance ethics, students are required to follow a dress code designed for each class technique. For your shopping convenience, you may shop on-line at Under Dancer Login, select New Jersey and then choose Cygnus under the studio pull down menu. A list of Cygnus classes will be listed with the recommended dance attire. You may also shop at a store of your choice.



Creative Dance: This blend of movement, music, improvisation, and basic dance steps is an introduction for the future study of dance techniques. This is an excellent class for children to learn and develop the fundamentals of tap and ballet while expanding their imagination. Dress code for this class is a pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers.Hair neatly tied up.

Pre-Ballet through Advanced Ballet: Students are introduced to classical ballet vocabulary while developing strength, proper alignment, musicality, and the grace that is intrinsic in the art form. All students intending to proceed onto pointe are required to attend a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week. Jr. or Sr. Company participation level are required to attend a minimum of three ballet technique classes per week. Modern,  jazz and tap dance are suggested but not required; by teacher appointment only. Students will meet all company requirements stated in the policies to maintain Company status. Dress code is a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pointe shoes for designated level, and hair in a bun.


Fundamental Modern  through Advanced Modern:Our approach to modern dance at Cygnus incorporates the principles of Limon, Graham and Horton.  These techniques develop strong dancers through the study of these codified techniques.  Advanced dancers develop improvisation skills to encourage group and solo compositions. A fundamental class is required for all students new to modern dance.  This class introduces the working elements of dance and introduces the student to the techniques. One year of dance experience is recommended to students at least 8 years of age. Dress code is any color leotard, black footless tights, no shoes, hair securely tied back.

Pre-Tap & Jazz through Advanced Tap & Jazz: Students learn basic to advance jazz terminology and jazz  dance principles such as syncopated rhythms, body isolation as well as styles in classic jazz, Broadway, hip-hop street and funk moves. Dress code is a black leotard, black jazz pants or tan, black or pink tights.Black Split sole jazz shoes.

Jump 2

Beginning through Advanced Tap: Students learn basic to advanced tap terminology and technique while developing rhythmic skills, precision and musicality.  Classical tap, hoofing and improvisation are various styles taught through level changes. Dress code is any color leotard, black jazz pants, black low heel tap shoes, for all Creative, Pre-Tap through to Tap II, Tap III and Performance tap 11/2” heeled taps. Hair tied back.

Beginning through Advanced Contemporary: Students explore the total movement potential of the body by stressing versatility and improvisation.  The contemporary style merges many forms of dance including modern, ballet and jazz as well as other disciplines such as acrobatics. The style is fluid and uses gravity, floor work, jumps and turns. Dress code is any color leotard, black footless tights, no shoes, hair securely tied back.

*Some classes are taught only at certain times of the year and depend upon the availability of our faculty and enrollment. Log onto for an up to date schedule of classes.

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