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At Cygnus we teach Social Dancing. Social Dancing, as the name suggests, is designed to be a social activity that is a fun, a relaxed and an enjoyable experience for all of the couples on the floor.  Our current Ballroom syllabus is based on American Style. American Style Ballroom (Smooth) has an element of freedom. The couple may change their frame, perform underarm turns and separate. This allows greater freedom, individuality and self-expression. This style lends itself easily to social dance.

Ballroom 3

By comparison, the International Style Standard (Ballroom) and Latin are danced throughout the world. This style was standardized by the English and is known for its high level of technique. In International Style Standard, the couple remains in frame throughout the dance.  Competition Style Dancing is both an art form and a sport. Competition dancers want to perform in front of an audience, want to be ranked highly by the judges and, in the end, win. This style demands a high standard of technique, supported by beautiful costumes, makeup and approved choreography.



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